Monday, June 6, 2022

New/Old Focus

 Shifting focuses once again, we here at BR are going back to the way things were before. While we love the spooky ish, we also love pro wrestling, video games, and various media. For awhile I thought we could go 100% spooky ish and things would be cool. Alas, I quickly realized I would eventually run out of spooky content and would have nothing to write about. Meanwhile, the Obi-Wan show is going full force on Disney+ and I'm itching to talk about it, along with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and Better Call Saul. To quote C3PO, "You wouldn't want my life to be boring, would you?"

I am still here for all of the spooky stuff. Believe me, when something pops up you will be the first to know about it. 

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Friday, April 29, 2022

A Possible Possession in Queens



Nikki M. is a licensed paranormal investigator out of Queens, New York. She is a live streamer on the Twitch platform where many people watch her and participate in her haunted streams. Nikki owns three haunted dolls and she has her viewers communicate with them through her various ghost hunting devices. When she isn’t doing that Nikki is playing Call of Duty or streaming the popular ghost game Phasmophobia. She also loves pro wrestling, loves making cool crafts, and absolutely loves coffee (She even has her own special blend that she sells through her online store).

However, when the lights go out and it is time to sleep, Nikki enters a completely different arena. For the past few years, Nikki has been in the company of an entity or entities in her home. It started as a mystery. She and her family began waking up to strange scratches on their bodies that were not there the day before. Then things escalated to items falling off shelves, her dogs barking at corners of the wall, sightings of ghost orbs, red eyes in the middle of the night, and changes in mood brought on by the spirits that reside in her house. While some might call it poppycock, I am of the belief that a spirit can put such a strain on a person and take hold of them that they fall into a depression, or begin having attacks of anxiety.

Recently, things escalated even further in Nikki’s home, as larger items began falling, such as her family’s grandfather clock. Ever since all this started, Nikki has kept a recorder going at night, along with a WiFi night vision camera wedged into a corner of her bedroom. Both the camera and the recorder have captured sounds that are extremely eerie. I will play some of these recordings and explain what they are. To explain what might have brought this on, Nikki believes that keeping her haunted dolls out of their cases might have brought out these sounds. 


Saturday, July 10, 2021

Guthrie Job Corps Center Hauntings


Photo by Bob Stevenson

In late 2002, I found myself jobless since the gubernatorial candidate I had been working for lost his election in a landslide. I had just turned 22 and was considering actually going to college. A friend told me about Job Corps. Well, I didn’t want to go to Job Corps, that’s where they send the bad kids. I misunderstood. He meant for me to go work at Job Corps. At my young age, having just come off working a political campaign I could do anything, and he felt me being in a leadership role working at a Job Corps could be good for me and good for the wayward kids who would be attending. After some hemming and hawing I finally applied at the Texas Workforce Center downtown. I couldn’t teach a class since I didn’t have a degree, so that limited what I could do. The people in the office recommended me for orientation staff. Well, okay, that sounded good.

They hired me almost immediately. I thought I would be working in the McKinney, Texas Job Corps. Instead, they shuttled me off to Guthrie, Oklahoma. A plane ride, a rental car and an apartment search later, I was on board the Guthrie Job Corps Center as orientation staff. I didn’t do any research on the town or the campus, but right off the bat I got an eerie feeling about the place. No one told me that Guthrie, Oklahoma was known as the most haunted city in Oklahoma. Also, no one told me the Job Corps campus was formerly a convent. On top of all that, there was a cemetery attached to the campus. This is where they buried nuns that had passed on. I told a friend about this recently and she told me, “Wow, it sounds like you were living in one of those towns from a horror movie.”